Donate Summary

Children’s physical health is a huge issue in our community.

70-80% of overweight children become obese adults and Michigan ranks as the 11th most obese state in our nation (source).  The Junior League of Grand Rapids believes that early intervention is key in stopping this nationwide epidemic.  Children in our area need increased access to play and physical activity.  Families need education on how to purchase and prepare nutritional food.

  • A healthy goodie bag including a jump rope, clementine, trail mix, water bottle, and educational materials for a Kids in the Kitchen event costs $5 per child with nearly 1,000 children served annually for a total of $5,000
  • One Kids in the Kitchen program including educational activities and an exercise component costs $500 to educate 75 students and parents
  • A four seat swing costs approximately $3,000 for each JL Wellness Adventure Yard or $250 donation per month
  • Specialized play equipment for an entire JL W.A.Y. costs approximately $20,000

Your gift, no matter the amount, helps us to improve our community.  Together, we are ensuring that children have access to safe areas of play and nutritional food.  Both are essential in improving children’s physical health and reversing the growing trend of obesity.

Click Here to give your tax-deductible gift online today through our secure server or contact our office at 616.451.0452 about making a gift. You can also send checks made payable to the Junior League of Grand Rapids to our office:

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