JL Wellness Adventure Yard


Only 1 in 4 adolescents in Michigan are physically active for 60 or more minutes per day (source).  This inactivity can lead to major health issues, including obesity and diabetes.  This issue of access to safe play is one that the Junior League is tackling locally.

The JL W.A.Y. has a goal of bringing adventure education to Grand Rapids neighborhoods. Adventure education provides opportunities for children to practice goal setting, build confidence, and explore concepts of cooperation and teamwork during play sessions on specialized equipment.  Each JL W.A.Y. is customized to the specific location at which it is established.

The recipients of our inaugural JL W.A.Y. had this to say about it’s impact, “I think the Junior League Wellness Adventure Yard is wonderful. I have seen more moms playing with the kids in the yard just recently than in all 15+ years I have worked here put together. It is also a vital piece for the new childcare we have at the shelter“.