Beneath the Wreath

Beneath the Wreath has been one of the one iconic and profitable fundraisers for the JLGR, and we thank you as a valued shopper and supporter!  This fundraiser has provided the Grand Rapids Junior League with the capital to support the Grand Rapids community through countless programs.   Every successful fundraiser has a lifespan of approximately 10 year, and Beneath the Wreath has outlasted that statistic by decades. After much consideration, Beneath the Wreath will not continue into 2022, and we will look forward to a new fundraiser to support the League’s efforts.  The Grand Rapids community has evolved, and our fundraising strategy must evolve as well.  This was a careful decision that was not made lightly.

The League will be investigating new fundraising opportunities that will be launched during 2023 or 2024 League Year to coincide with the League’s 100th anniversary.