Kids in the Kitchen


In Michigan, 14.2% of adolescents are overweight and 11.9% are considered obese.  Our Kids in the Kitchen initiative, which began in 2006, involves children and their parents in hands-on activities that focus on preparing healthy foods.  Our volunteers partner with local organizations to teach children and parents about nutrition and healthy lifestyles through games, interactive food preparation, and fun ways to exercise.

Children’s health and wellness has been a key issue for Junior Leagues since the first founding in 1901.  Our Kids in the Kitchen program is part of a larger initiative put on by the Association of Junior Leagues International.  With so many Leagues working together, we are better able to tackle the nationwide issue of childhood obesity.  Please visit the national Kids in the Kitchen page to learn more.

Comments from children who have attended our Kids in the Kitchen events include:

When we first came in we didn’t know what it was going to be like and so we made a smoothie. It was good!

My favorite part of Kids in the Kitchen was making parfaits and planting tomatoes. We have a garden now! I learned you can grow tomatoes in the right soil and to water them once a week.

We’re learning how to stay healthy and learning how to stay fit. We made a burrito with cream cheese and bell peppers. It’s good and it tastes good!